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OH MY GOODNESS.  Since I've come back from Disney World almost a week ago, I've been SO FRICKEN SICK! [Mini Rant Over] With the extra time on my hands since coming home and being sick, I've finally gotten around to spend time with a new app.  It's currently only available for iOS; so my android … Continue reading Styled! By Trendage | KrystiEncounters | AD


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Real Talk: I've never felt comfortable or confident in my body; how I looked.  I was always hyper aware that people around me were judging me and my every move.  I never thought I was pretty or worthy of compliments.  I assumed everyone around me was fake; that the compliments were all lies. There's no … Continue reading Body Confidence | Personal | Real Talk | KrystiEncounters

Blue Hair | KrystiEncounters

  So I did this thing. . . I dyed my hair Blue. I first did it back in April, but I've touched it up again recently.  I'm still not sure how I like it; I've got mixed feelings.  I think I still love lavender more, it's just such a hard color to keep and … Continue reading Blue Hair | KrystiEncounters