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OH MY GOODNESS.  Since I’ve come back from Disney World almost a week ago, I’ve been SO FRICKEN SICK! [Mini Rant Over]

With the extra time on my hands since coming home and being sick, I’ve finally gotten around to spend time with a new app.  It’s currently only available for iOS; so my android lovers, you’ll need to be a little patient.


Styled! by Trendage is almost like an online….wardrobe? Fitting room?  You’re basically trying on clothes, virtually.

You start by taking a selfie, then picking out your hairstyle.  It can be your current / something close to your current, or a hairstyle you’ve thought about having.  As you can see, I don’t think it’s VERY accurate, but it can still give you an idea.

You then design your body type to help resemble you.  Don’t fool yourselves.  You don’t want to see what “super skinny, fit and healthy you” would look like in clothes that you are trying on virtually.  It defeats the purpose.

Now, the fun begins. It’s also a fun way to get fashion inspiration.  By continuing use of the app and hitting next, you collect “points.”

Photo Jun 13, 8 15 39 PM

With these points, you unlock coupon codes!

You can also share or make notes or doodle on the photos and save them for later.  Also, don’t worry, changing your hair or body to suit your needs, or even change that selfie, is quick and easy!

I do think there is a lot of room for improvement with this app, as I would love to see features such as being able to pick a store and “try on” outfits from that store.  As of right now, it feels random and I can’t pick my price range or something to help cater to me personally on a deeper level.

BUT, it is a great way to get inspiration for other outfits or “dupes” of some of the high end items you see on the app.

Let me know if you want me to try and re-create a look I come across on the app!



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