First Tattoo!

Hello Lovelies, Oh gosh, I finally got my first tattoo!  It's been about a month and a half since I got it, and I'm still shocked I got one! I didn't get it on a whim, and it was actually in the "I'm thinking about it" phase for about a year.  Everything about this tattoo … Continue reading First Tattoo!


2015 Easter Egg Hunt!

Hello lovelies, I'm excited to announce that throughout March, you will get a chance to win an Easter egg!  The prizes vary and have been randomly placed in the eggs.  How do you play? Easy!  I will be posting on my social media (listed below), and randomly, there will be an Easter egg hidden in … Continue reading 2015 Easter Egg Hunt!

Cheesy Last Minute Valentine’s Day DIY

Hey Lovelies, Valentine's Day is tomorrow!  Ahhh!  What are you guys going to be doing?  Have anything planned? This is just a quick post for cute, silly little things you can attach to cheesy gifts for coworkers, friends, or even your significant other. My coworkers love to lose pens and borrow from my stash of … Continue reading Cheesy Last Minute Valentine’s Day DIY