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2017 Challenge | KrystiEncounters

Simply put, I want to do things in 2017 that will challenge me, take me on new experiences, etc. Here's a quick list of some things I want to accomplish this year: Go on a trip  [Planning on one in June 2017] Participate in a vlogging month like Vlogmas, etc. (at LEAST one) Read 5 … Continue reading 2017 Challenge | KrystiEncounters

Good-Bye 2016 , Hello 2017! || KrystiEncounters

Do you remember these? And these were only SOME of my hair transformations over just this year alone! Or when I quit my job at Pizza Hut in May?  I've had that job for 4 years and I grew a lot there and made lifetime friendships with the management team.  I still talk and keep … Continue reading Good-Bye 2016 , Hello 2017! || KrystiEncounters

Some Of My Favorite Things : Vloggers || KrystiEncounters

Hey lovelies, I'm obsessed with YouTube and it's creators.  One of my favorite... types?... are Vloggers.  Whether they be daily or weekly or here and there. Daily Vloggers Casey Neistat: YouTube He's a great content creator and his content and quality are amazing. It's Judy's Life: YouTube She has the cutest daughters and the sweetest … Continue reading Some Of My Favorite Things : Vloggers || KrystiEncounters

May 2016 Life Update

Hello Lovelies, Oh boy. I know its mid June but there's just so much I've been up too and so much has happened in May.  I think it's time to tell you and get us all caught up. May 17: My last day working for Pizza Hut.  I started working there when I was 19, in 2012. … Continue reading May 2016 Life Update

Happy 2 Years!!

Hey lovelies, OMG! It's been 2 years! Can you imagine?!  We've come so far!  I can't wait to continue this journey with you all and see where the future takes us. Let's see what happened 2 years ago! My first blog post was about The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum. I've tried so many … Continue reading Happy 2 Years!!

Dear July,

Hello Lovelies, July has been filled to the brim with emotions. July 4th: I lost my great-grandmother.  She's someone I held very dear to me and I miss her like crazy.  Time may not heal wounds, it just gets easier to live with them.  I'll always miss her, but day after day, it gets a … Continue reading Dear July,