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My 2016 Playlist || KrystiEncounters

Just a playlist of some of the songs I had on repeat in 2016: [Sotify Link]

Favorite Christmas Movies || #31Encounters || KrystiEncounters

Christmas Movies are the best.  You wait all year for them to make their rounds again and you binge watch your favorite ones before they disappear again! Here's a few of my favorite movies this time around: What are your favorites?    

#Dancember || #31Encounters ||Krystiencounters

If you guys don't already know Benji and Judy Travis, it's about time you do! Every year, these YouTubers put on a 24 hour live stream in the month of December to raise money for a cause. Check out their website [here]. You can also learn more from their Vlog Channel [here]. Here's a letter … Continue reading #Dancember || #31Encounters ||Krystiencounters

CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST || #31Encounters || KrystiEncounters

I've been listening to Spotify's Christmas playlists non-stop since Thanksgiving. What's on your playlist?

Some Of My Favorite Things : Vloggers || KrystiEncounters

Hey lovelies, I'm obsessed with YouTube and it's creators.  One of my favorite... types?... are Vloggers.  Whether they be daily or weekly or here and there. Daily Vloggers Casey Neistat: YouTube He's a great content creator and his content and quality are amazing. It's Judy's Life: YouTube She has the cutest daughters and the sweetest … Continue reading Some Of My Favorite Things : Vloggers || KrystiEncounters

#HoneySavior : National Bee Day! || KrystiEncounters

Hey loves! August 20th is National Bee day and I wanted to share a great program that was mentioned to me.  I recently worked with Farmacy to bring you a skin care regime which you can read [here]. And they recently reached out to talk about their #HoneySavior tag to help save the bees.  This … Continue reading #HoneySavior : National Bee Day! || KrystiEncounters