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Real Talk: I've never felt comfortable or confident in my body; how I looked.  I was always hyper aware that people around me were judging me and my every move.  I never thought I was pretty or worthy of compliments.  I assumed everyone around me was fake; that the compliments were all lies. There's no … Continue reading Body Confidence | Personal | Real Talk | KrystiEncounters


Blue Hair | KrystiEncounters

  So I did this thing. . . I dyed my hair Blue. I first did it back in April, but I've touched it up again recently.  I'm still not sure how I like it; I've got mixed feelings.  I think I still love lavender more, it's just such a hard color to keep and … Continue reading Blue Hair | KrystiEncounters

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Denim Jacket: Forever 21 [Similar one by Forever21] Black Body Suit: H&M Black Shorts: H&M [Similar one by H&M]  

OOTD | ft. Sole Patches | AD | KrystiEncounters

I got the sweater and heels from my local Saks Fifth Avenue and the shorts are from H&M. Both of these outfits are entirely made up of items found at H&M minus the shoes.  The skirts are both on sale and you might not be as lucky to get your hands on them. I've been … Continue reading OOTD | ft. Sole Patches | AD | KrystiEncounters

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I just got this Cardigan at Forever21  and it is currently on sale so get it while you can! This is probably my favorite of the 3 outfits. Both items I got a while back and I didn't find them online.  The top is from Forever21 and the skirt is from H&M. Underneath I just … Continue reading OOTW | Outfits Of The Week | KrystiEncounters

OOTD | #Throwback | KrystiEncounters

Forgot I even had photographed this outfit! This was sometime around November 2016. Hat: Not sure... Sleeveless Top: H&M [similar from H&M] Sheer Long sleeve button up : H&M Jeans: Gap Belt: Gap Bag: Coach [similar from Coach] Shoes: Style&Co. @ Macy's  

OOTW || KrystiEncounters

My lazy day outfit for my early morning truck shift.  I don't like how the shirt is over sized and just plain doesn't look flattering.  But the sweats are super comfy. Probably one of my favorite pieces currently is this skirt. Super easy and comfy outfit. It's a dress I got from Forever21 a while … Continue reading OOTW || KrystiEncounters