Body Confidence | Personal | Real Talk | KrystiEncounters

Real Talk: I've never felt comfortable or confident in my body; how I looked.  I was always hyper aware that people around me were judging me and my every move.  I never thought I was pretty or worthy of compliments.  I assumed everyone around me was fake; that the compliments were all lies. There's no … Continue reading Body Confidence | Personal | Real Talk | KrystiEncounters


Liquids and creams Travel Hack ||KrystiEncounters

Hey Lovelies, Welcome back!  Today let's talk about a few traveling hacks. Last month I went on a trip and I used this hack to easily take a few liquids with me. First off, let me tell you a little about my trip.  I flew through Omni and check in luggage is $25 each.  I … Continue reading Liquids and creams Travel Hack ||KrystiEncounters

Photo Diary: 2016 Las Vegas trip ||KrystiEncounters

Hey Lovelies,     Hope you enjoyed the few pictures I selected.

The Beginning of #31Encounters || KrystiEncounters

Hey lovelies, I was inspired by Rachel of ThatsChic [Blog] [YouTube], and her #31daysofthatschic. I decided to try and do that too.  I decided to follow the 31 days months because I think some of the fun months are 31 days. January-New Years Day and my birthday.  July-Summer. October-Halloween.  December-Christmas and New Years Eve.  So … Continue reading The Beginning of #31Encounters || KrystiEncounters

Durham, England – Travel tips from The Amateur Anthropologist

Hello all! It’s The Amateur Anthropologist here (interesting name I know). Krysti has kindly allowed me to do a special guest blog post in exchange for the chance to write on my blog (her post is accessible here). So buckle your seat belts and get ready for fun (and educational) adventure – it’s time for … Continue reading Durham, England – Travel tips from The Amateur Anthropologist

Trader Joe’s Haul

Trader Joe's is obviously one of the locations we stopped by and picked up a few things at.  From my understanding, you can only get their things in their store and if you really wanted to spend ridiculous amounts of money, you can check Amazon.   Things we picked up: Cookie Butter  |  Cookie & … Continue reading Trader Joe’s Haul

2014 Las Vegas Trip

Last week for 4 days, I was in Las Vegas as my birthday gift from Brian's (my boyfriend) parents.  I'm very blessed and lucky to have such wonderful parent-in-laws-to-be.  Yes, parent-in-laws-to-be.  No, I am not engaged, but Brian and I have been together for almost 4 years, I've lived with him and his parents for … Continue reading 2014 Las Vegas Trip