Favorite Christmas Movies || #31Encounters || KrystiEncounters

Christmas Movies are the best.  You wait all year for them to make their rounds again and you binge watch your favorite ones before they disappear again! Here's a few of my favorite movies this time around: What are your favorites?    


OOTW || KrystiEncounters

My lazy day outfit for my early morning truck shift.  I don't like how the shirt is over sized and just plain doesn't look flattering.  But the sweats are super comfy. Probably one of my favorite pieces currently is this skirt. Super easy and comfy outfit. It's a dress I got from Forever21 a while … Continue reading OOTW || KrystiEncounters

The end of #31Encounters || KrystiEncounters

Hi Lovelies, It's the end of the month.  Reflection time!  At the end, there will be a list and links to all the posts this past month. It's really, really hard.  BUT I LOVED it.  It was difficult but I really enjoyed the time I spent with you guys this month.  I did miss a … Continue reading The end of #31Encounters || KrystiEncounters

#ThrowbackThursday || 3 Months Ago Reflection || KrystiEncounters

Hey loves, By the time you're reading this, I've already gone to my interview for H&M and am probably sitting in traffic on my way back home.  I was so nervous.  Any interview I've ever done and got hired at, they all complimented my interview and my confidence and ability and want to try to … Continue reading #ThrowbackThursday || 3 Months Ago Reflection || KrystiEncounters

All Things Pens || KrystiEncounters

Hey lovelies, Okay, I admit, I love all things stationary.  I'm guilty.  Very guilty.  Here's a list of some of my favorite pen related things. These highlighters are very similar to Sharpies Clear View Highlighters.  There's a small window to see what you're highlighting.  This is by Uni and I found them only in Japan … Continue reading All Things Pens || KrystiEncounters

Quick Mini Haul || KrystiEncounters

Hey lovelies, The other day I stopped by Sephora to check out a few things and I was in need of a few items.  Here I got the makeup sponge by Sephora.  I wanted to see if it matched against the Beauty Blender so many of us know and love.  The Beauty Blender is $20 … Continue reading Quick Mini Haul || KrystiEncounters

Happy Birthday, Mom! || KrystiEncounters

Happy Birthday, Mom! Thank you for everything and more.  Hopefully you'll enjoy the cake and cream puffs I've tried to make for the first time today!